DefiLlama Bridges Dashboard

Twitter user Cocoahomology yesterday tweeted that DefiLlama has released its new bridge dashboard. This is definitely a much needed tool and considering that we look into bridges, this is a most welcomed development.

The dashboard allows users to have a quick view of the total bridge volumes across different timeframes and also by bridge according to day. Just a quick look shows that the Polygon PoS bridge dominates volume on most days with Multichain a close second.

Currently the dashboard tracks transactions across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom and Gnosis. This may result in a difference between transaction volumes reported on the DefiLlama dashboard compared to numbers reported by the bridges themselves.

It was reported that more bridges and chains will be added over time.

Another interesting section is where you can get a view of the token inflows / outflows by blockchain. Part of DefiLlama’s plan is to expand the dashboard metrics and include, e.g., total value of assets on every chain.

You can also view transactions in and out of specific chains, which tokens have been bridged by specific bridges which is very useful and a data point not shared by bridges. Its not only useful to view token movement across a specific bridge but also creates an opportunity to identify potential opportunities before they’re announced.

You can read Cocoahomology’s tweet here or explore the dashboard at

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