Optimism NFT Bridge

The Quix team announced on the 13th October 2022 a NFT bridge to Optimism developed in collaboration with the OP Labs team.

The Optimism NFT bridge allows users to bridge ERC-721 NFT’s, taking advantage of Optimism’s lower gas fees when compared to the Ethereum mainnet. Based on the FAQ shared by the Quix team, the average transaction costs only $0.20 while still inheriting security of the Ethereum mainnet.

The Optimism NFT bridge works by locking your NFT in a smart contract on L1 (Ethereum) and mints an identical NFT on L2 (Optimism) which is what is received in the end by the user of the bridged NFT. When someone buys or sells a NFT on Quix the rights to claim and unlock the NFT on L1 gets transferred to the new owner.

However, there are two key things to take note of. The bridged NFT will not have the same rights as your NFT on L1 from the get-go. Projects that want their NFT’s to be interoperable from L2 are required to make some changes to support this.

If you need to move your NFT back to L1 whether to participate in a project feature (which may not be accessible on L2) or for any other reason, there is a seven (7) day waiting period for bridging of the NFT from L2 to L1 to complete.

Beyond the two hurdles above, this enhancement is imho extremely bullish for Optimism Layer 2 and the NFT segment overall.

To bridge your NFT, go to:

Read the FAQ’s at:

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