A Unified Model for Cross-Chain Liquidity

A guest post for Delphi Labs compares the Distributed Automated Market Maker (dAMM) and the Shared Liquidity Automated Market Maker (SLAMM) cross-chain liquidity models.

The post covers more technical aspects of SLAMM and makes a case on the value and downsides of the model while also diving into how the model’s liveness & security, liquidity allocation & efficiency, volume prediction & liquidity allocation across different chains and a look at how governance could play a part in it.

While the model discussion is put forth as a theoretical exploration, some concepts explored are already being implemented by some projects. While the implementation may not be in its entirety, it’s good to know that there are projects in the space that are paying attention to research & development of their products for the coming multichain environment.

The full guest article shared by Delphi Labs can be found at https://members.delphidigital.io/reports/slamm-unified-model-cross-chain-liquidity/

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