deBridge announces deSwap Liquidity Network

deBridge announces its upcoming deSwap Liquidity Network which is scheduled to be released in November 2022 with integrations with Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana, Avalanche, and Optimism available from launch.

deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN) is a cross-chain value transfer protocol built on top of deBridge, it introduces an all-new “liquidity on demand” approach that solves the challenges of the classical “continuously locked liquidity” model.


  • Zero slippage on any order side
  • Unlimited market depth
  • Guaranteed rates and lowest fees
  • Fastest settlement for cross-chain transfers
  • Native token bridging (no wrapped assets)
  • Limit orders for cross-chain swaps
  • Zero locked liquidity at risk
  • Rapidly scalable for new blockchain support

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